Distribution Programme Tonerama

The Tonerama platform specializes in laser printing technology (printers, copiers and multifunction devices) and the user segment corresponds to this - especially small and medium-sized companies, which cannot afford downtime.

Who is the programme for?

The Tonerama distribution programme is intended for both retailers looking for an accompanying range for their existing sales, and service (outsourcing) entities that have a larger number of companies in their portfolio, to which they provide related services (eg IT services, service and supplies of office equipment or office supplies). etc.).

What will I gain by participating in the programme?

The advantageous participation in the Programme is not only the purchase at discounted prices, but also the support and the possibility of consultation in the selection of suitable content for clients. It is known that the issue of alternative print cartridges is complicated, especially if the priority is end-user satisfaction and adequate quality. There are a lot of cartridges (toners) on the market that do not work properly, gradually degrade the quality of cylinders and other components of printing technology or are even harmful to health.

How can I sign up for the programme?

Just register as a regular customer on the Tonerama website. Then contact Tonerama via the contact form, where you will mention your interest in participating in the Distribution Program. We will contact you and possibly arrange a personal meeting. Tonerama reserves the right to refuse or cancel membership in the programme.