Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose the right toner?

Because different manufacturers may name the toner you're currently using differently, the easiest way to find toner is by using the printer name. To find your printer, just enter the numeric designation from the printer name into the search field on the page and wait for the whisperer. Then just choose your printer from the suggestion menu with a mouse click. If there happens to be a lot in the printer whisperer, it is a good idea to add other characters from the name (e.g. mf1680) to narrow the selection. The whisperer displays only the first ten printers matching the input.

As soon as you get to the page with your printer (copier), you will also see an offer of toners that are suitable for the printing device.

Can I search by toner name?

Yes. If for some reason you do not have the name of the printer, but you know the original designation of the cartridge, then you can use the search on the page without a whisperer. The difference is that you type the toner name instead of the printer name and press enter. This will take you to the search page by product. If you do not see anything the first time, do not despair, it is possible that you have mistyped or the proodukt is introduced under a slightly different designation. Typically, just remove/add a hyphen in the toner name.

Can bad toner damage the printer?

Yes. Only with original toners can you be 100% sure that there is no risk of damage to your machine. Thanks to many years of experience in servicing printing equipment, we make sure that the toners we offer do not damage any printer, and we succeed.

What is the difference between original and compatible toners?

The original is always better, compatible (alternative) toner is more cost-effective. Generally speaking, with a suspicion of cheap toners (although the price may not matter), when the seller does not really know what is he/she selling and offers "everything", there is a risk that the toner will not work properly or even damage the printer. Unfortunately, even with premium compatible toners, a certain percentage of complaints cannot be avoided. For some brands, when used in the printer, the printer may report that the original toner is not used. Other times, the status or amount of remaining toner may not be displayed correctly. Such messages, if they occur with our toners, do not mean that your printer is at risk of being damaged.

How to understand the designation of colors?

Coloured toner can be named differently. In the Czech Republic, there have been long-established errors in translations, especially of the blue color, which is called Cyan in English, which means "turquoise" and the color really looks like that. Some sellers refer to it as "azure", which is wrong. Azure ink is used in special printing technologies that are not found in conventional laser printers. For clarity, we use the original English designation Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key (Black) and Czech simplified color names. Therefore, we translate CMYK so that Cyan is blue, purple is red, yellow is yellow, and the key color (referred to as K) is simply black. We also color the sold fusing rollers.

For monochrome printing devices, we use a simplified designation as black and white, and the toner for such a printer is simply black, as well as a possible cylinder, which, of course, does not really have any color.

Do you offer eco-friendly toners?

Yes. About half of the toners offered are eco-friendly toners that were created by refurbishing the original. Although they are more expensive in terms of cost, if this option is (they exist for the printer), we prefer this way. Some vendors refer to this type of toner as premium because they are usually more reliable and do not infringe patents, as is the case with some of their substitutes. For a higher price, the customer usually buys higher quality and at the same time demonstrably saves nature. There are also repeatedly refurbished toners on the market, but we do not offer them due to lower reliability.

What if the toner does not print after loading?

First of all, make sure you pull out the seal that some manufacturers don't put on toner and that you'll find on all of our toners. As a rule, this will help. :o)

What if the toner has stopped printing?

If the toner stops printing after some time and is still not empty, it is likely that you have already exhausted the number of pages that was set in the chip. As a rule, manufacturers oversize the number of pages, so you usually print more pages than indicated on the product page. However, for some toners, this may not be the case, and the number of sides is strictly determined. The number of pages is determined by the ISO standard that is indicated in the product description. The actual number of pages depends on the % of the page's print coverage. In practice, you can print more invoices than catalogs with pictures with the same toner.

Why don't you offer inkjet cartridges?

Because we try to do our job well. We specialize in the middle segment of printing technology.